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We are able to produce discs of all sizes for every possible usage, since we are supplied with excellent quality materials (flat sheets) credited with the appropriate standards for any appliance.

The materials used are all without asbestos while there are also ready to deliver discs at several dimensions.

Suitable to apply to anchors, cranes boats, clutches, gear boxes etc.

  • Clutch

    Clutches Raybestos, Sauleda , Ferodo etc. For every usage and of all dimensions.


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  • Clutch disc

    We can provide our customers with any kind of clutch discs and clutch facing disks for any application no matter how difficult or specific that might be.

    We import clutch facings from various well known manufacturers such as Luk, Raybestos, Sauleda etc. and can therefore meet any possible demand.


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  • Gear box brakes

    Gear box brakes are a special constructing category for which the long time experience of our technical staff guarantees the excellent use and functionality.

    Using always of excellent quality materials we ready to produce of every kind and size gear box brakes, credited with the trust of the largest companies of pluming systems at the marine and industrial field in Greece.

    We also supply gear box brakes with direct imports from England and USA.

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